At woellner-MagTec. we equip you with reliable standard or customer-specific Magnets and Electromagnets .

Our products are not off-the-shelf products. Each electromagnet complies with the current provision of VDE0580. They are extremely resilient and of very high quality. 

The following magnet types are available from us:

We would be happy to build the electromagnet you require with our partners. Here is our information on our Electromagnet series download: 

Brake magnets of the WMTHGSd series:

Brake magnets of the WMTHGS series:

Stop magnets of the WMTHGA series:

Lifting solenoids of the WMTHGH series:

Reversing solenoids of the WMTHGU series:

Small lifting magnets of the WMTHGY series:

Accessories for the small lifting magnet series WMTHGY:

WMTHGX series magnetic locks:

Bolt / locking solenoids of the V-series:

Holding and fire door magnets of the WMTHTo and WMTHF series:

Solenoid coils are only available from us on request:

With interest or further inquiries you send us gladly an e-mail or call us on +49 1 525 3947 677.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your team of woellner-MagTec.

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