Development examples

Special magnets and applications

Here you will find a few development examples from woellner-MagTec.

We manufacture your magnets or electromagnets according to your specifications, provided that a design is possible. You will receive your individual and non-binding quote by mail from us. The quote does not oblige you to purchase.

Example 1:

  • Coated block magnets for automation.
  • Size 20 mm x 9 mm x 4 mm. Space-saving and strong.
  • Adhesion force from approx. 75N - 100N per piece. Depending on customer requirements.

Example 2:

  • Electromagnet
  • 30 mm x 25 mm for mechanical engineering
  • Adhesion force with power supply: > 300N




Example 3:

  • Permanent electromagnet for an educational institution
  • Size: 20 mm x 17 mm, small and robust
  • Permanent adhesive force 40N-100N - depending on application - ED freely selectable


Example 4:

  • Permanent electric holding magnet.
  • Developed and built for a well-known machine manufacturer.
  • Size: 50 mm x 30 mm Permanent adhesive force: > 700N
  • Magnetic flow is interrupted by a light current pulse.
  • ED/CD=75% (can be varied according to customer requirements)
  • With or without protective hose



All our electromagnets can be designed and manufactured for low power (1N - 5.000N) and high power applications (from 5001N up to customer requirements).

Example 5:

Multipolar magnets with:

  • different adhesive strengths (e.g. for engine construction or energy harvesting).
  • Diameter and height are adjustable according to customer requirements.
  • Multipolar from 2-256 or more segment divisions possible.






Every new development requires you to send us its drawing and technical specifications in advance. If no information is sent to us, woellner-MagTec. will prepare a drawing for a fee.

Prices are generally only available on request. Therefore, we recommend every interested party to contact us in advance. Also for general questions. With pleasure about our contact form or via email or by phone +49 1 525 3947 677.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your team of woellner-MagTec.


We basically only serve industrial customers. The effort to supply private individuals with one or two pieces of a new development is not financially feasible for private individuals. We also do not manufacture individual pieces for our industrial customers. Individual pieces are only produced if a larger quantity is available for acceptance in the background. Delivery with one delivery.

A delivery time of approx. 6 - 12 weeks is generally applicable for custom-made products. However, experience shows that this can also vary by plus or minus two weeks. The minimum order quantity for new developments is 500 pieces for magnets and electromagnets.

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Please ask for our prices in advance. We would be pleased to make you an offer without obligation. We are looking forward to you! Your team from woellner-MagTec. Dismiss

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