Brake magnets

Brake magnets, spreading and double spreading magnets 



Our braking magnets or spreading and double spreading magnets offer:

  • Maximum safety for heavy-duty braking in industry
  • Maximum safety for load and passenger transport

The basic design of our brake solenoids corresponds to that of a linear solenoid.

We adapt our design inside the magnets so that the conditions required in brake construction can be generated. Appropriate approvals and tests of our magnets confirm and guarantee their functionality and compliance with the safety aspects for the application to be used.

Every brake requirement is different. That is why we work very closely with our partners to provide you with the highest quality. We manufacture the magnets according to your specification. 

We can promise you a high availability of our brake magnets. Therefore, we can guarantee you the short-term supply of spare parts.

You can obtain our brake magnets in a wide variety of designs. Different sizes are usually no problem after successful testing.

We also quote customised solutions for small quantities.

Here is our information on our brake magnets:

Brake magnets of the WMTHGSd series, download for free:

Brake magnets of the WMTHGS series, download for free:

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