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We are pleased that you have found your way to us.

For almost two decades, our reliable and robust solenoids and electromagnets have been used worldwide. We deliver the best quality product solutions for you.

Our electromagnets are "Made-In-Germany" and are developed, produced and tested exclusively in Germany. The production standards are always kept up to date by our German partners. Download information on our products free of charge via our "Download Centre". 

Our products are not off-the-shelf products. If required, they can also be specified and built according to customer specifications.

All electromagnets are technically tested and comply with the current regulations of VDE0580. Not a single solenoid leaves production untested.

We can also manufacture solenoid coils for you on request. Tell us your application and other boundary data (number of windings, power, dimensions, etc.), or send us your corresponding drawing with technical data. We will be happy to check the feasibility.

Send us a short e-mail or use our contact form.

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Your team of woellner-MagTec.

To our electromagnets

Brake solenoids, DC lifting solenoids, latching solenoids, holding and fire door solenoids and matching controllers and additional accessories. All electromagnets are thoroughly tested and comply with VDE0580.

To our magnet and induction coils

We can also manufacture solenoid coils on request. Simply send us your specifications. We will check the feasibility and send you a non-binding quotation.

To our magnets

Do you need a neodymium or ferrite magnet? Or rather a special magnet? Then please contact us. We will ask you for further information on the magnet's properties if required.

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